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SANGU Security Solutions

SANGU protects its users from advanced cybersecurity threats— detecting and blocking phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks before they arrive at your inbox. 


Let Me Ask You! Tired Of Spam, Scams, And Evil In Your Inbox?

Cybercriminals are posing as and impersonating well-known brands in phishing attacks. Secure your inbox today!

About Us

Sangu is a security solutions company that uses advanced features to protect its users. Our mission is to help secure information on your emails, messages, and home network.



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Malicious Message Detection

Block phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks from reaching the inbox. We go deep on this stuff using wiz bang tech we build ourselves or license from other top notch providers.


Stop Spams & Scams from your inbox

Stop spam messages that other providers miss.


Unsubscribes that actually work

When you want it gone we make sure the sender unsubscribes you and if they don’t we take action on your behalf. Meanwhile these messages don’t hit your inbox


Legit checker

Don’t know if a message is legitimate or a scam? We will dig into it for you and let you know.


We don’t let it slide

We use any of the legal means available to us to impede, disrupt or interdict this malicious activity where possible. One of the things that makes us happy is making bad people sad.


You are the boss

We don’t use your email content to sell you stuff, make ads show up everywhere you go, or add to the digital clutter of your online life.


24/7 Support

Report suspicious emails directly to expert analysts and get real-time response.


Easy Organization

Create and personalize labels and folders to keep your inbox organized.



All the security happens right in your inbox. You use your existing email accounts and clients and we make them way safer.