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Falsely Endorsed Medicine

Details of Scam:

The spammers typically send you an email that looks like an advertisement for a medical product, claiming to solve some medical issue. Usually, the emails arrive with no text body of the email and is usually a hyperlinked image.

The first thing that happens when you click on the link, is they route you through multiple domains before you get to the landing domain.

On the landing page you get a ton of fake reviews and testimonials. Then the user is supposed to click on the “Buy now” button which takes you to the checkout page.

The checkout page would require some details and a credit card information, what most unsuspecting users don’t know is that in the Terms and Conditions, some of website’s state that you would be signing up for a monthly subscription for the product.

We have also noted that the destination the link takes you to depends on the region you click on it from. The same link in Germany and the US will NOT direct you to the same page.