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Phishing Emails

How to Recognize and Avoid Phishing Emails

How To Recognize And Avoid Phishing Emails
Phishing is another common cybersecurity attack that is typically done through email, phone calls, or text messages. The criminals usually pose as trusted persons or entities to lure recipients into giving out sensitive information like bank account details, login credentials, etc. Keep reading to learn more about phishing emails, how to identify it, and avoiding being a victim.
Phishing Emails As A Threat
Phishing is a social engineering attack that aims to trick individuals into clicking malicious links, installing malware, and giving out credentials. The emails or messages are designed to look like

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Spam Mail

What Is Spam Email And How Do You Stop It?

Spam email is considered junk mail or unwanted mail, which can be both annoying and threatening. This type of mail typically contains advertising, get-rich schemes, virus warnings, and many more. Learn more about spam emails, identifying them, and blocking them from your inbox.
Spam Email As A Threat
Spam emails come in different kinds—some emails look real while others look spammy. And if it happens that you receive legitimate-looking spam mail, you could potentially click on links and get redirected to a malicious website. From there, you could fall victim to giving out sensitive information or phishing attacks.

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Email security is more important than ever. Learn about its importance and how it helps protect your mailbox.

What is Email Security?

Email security is defined as a set of procedures for protecting email accounts from unauthorized use. With the growing number of cybercrimes, organizations are seeking more ways to secure their data.
Learn more about the importance of email security and what you can do the better protect your email from scams, phishing attacks, and many more types of fraud.
Why Is Email Security Important?
Email is a common channel for phishing attacks and cybercriminals are evolving with the times. You’d think that with all the information and warnings about phishing threats people would learn to be careful. However, in many

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